43rd Annual Meeting Societas Linguistica Europaea

Fecha: 02-Sep-2010 – 05-Sep-2010
Lugar: Vilnius, Lithuania
Email: sle@arts.kuleuven.be
Web: http://www.societaslinguistica.eu/

SLE meetings give a forum to high-quality scientific research from all (sub)domains of linguistics. Every year local organizers pay special attention to one specific topic. Though the next annual meeting particularly welcomes papers on ‘Language Contact: at the Crossroads of Disciplines and Frameworks’, workshops, posters and individual papers are invited on topics belonging to all fields of linguistics.

Registration will start from 1 April 2010 onwards. SLE 2010 keeps the SLE 2009 conference fees (see our website).  Become a member of the Societas Linguistica Europaea and get a discount.
Important Dates:
15 November 2009: deadline for submission of workshop proposals
1 January 2010: deadline for submission of poster and paper abstracts
31 March 2010: notification of acceptance
1 April 2010: early registration starts
1 June 2010: registration (full fee)

Plenary Speakers:
Bas Aarts (London)
Balthasar Bickel (Leipzig)
Hubert Cuyckens (Leuven)
Masja Koptjevskaja-Tamm (Stockholm)
Tania Kuteva (Duesseldorf)
Vladimir Plungian (Moscow)

(Fuente: The Linguist List)

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