Romance & Classical Languages: Department Chair, Michigan State University, MI, USA

Michigan State University welcomes applications for the position of Chair
of the Department of Romance and Classical Languages (URL above).
Candidates should demonstrate the personal qualities necessary to lead and
manage a complex department; the ability to represent the department’s
interests effectively within the university and in the larger community;
the interpersonal skills and sensitivity necessary to maintain open
communication with faculty, staff, and students; and a commitment to an
open and inclusive environment for diverse groups. We seek a dynamic leader
with a strong record of research, teaching, and service that merits a
tenured appointment at the rank of professor in any departmental area. This
individual should understand the challenges and opportunities facing
universities in general and the fields in Romance and Classical Languages
in particular.

The Department of Romance and Classical Languages is in the process of
being formed from the merger of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese
and the Department of French, Classics, and Italian. The successful
candidate will be its first Chair. The department is located in the College
of Arts and Letters and is part of a vibrant language and literature
community that has benefited from university support evidenced by a newly
established language support center, expanding Less Commonly Taught
Language programs, a recently created global studies in arts and humanities
major, world-renowned study abroad initiatives and a strong Second Language
Studies doctoral program.

Application Deadline: 25-Oct-2010
Mailing Address for Applications:
Chair Search Committee
258 Old Horticulture Building
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1112
Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information
Chair Search Committee
Phone: 517-355-8352
Fax: 517-432-3844

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