La tradición clásica en la Cataluña medieval (1300-1500)

Lluís Cabré, Alejandro Coroleu, Montserrat Ferrer, Albert Lloret & Josep Pujol, The Classical Tradition in Medieval Catalan 1300-1500, London: Tamesis (Boydell & Brewer), 2018.

“This book offers the first comprehensive study of the reception of the classical tradition in medieval Catalan letters, a multilingual process involving not only Latin and Catalan, but also neighbouring vernaculars like Aragonese, Castilian, French, and Italian. The authors survey the development of classical literacy from the twelfth-century Aragonese royal courts until the arrival of the printing press and the dissemination of Italian Humanism. Aimed at students and scholars of medieval and early modern Iberia – and anyone interested in medieval Romance literatures and the classical tradition – this volume also provides a concise introduction to the medieval Crown of Aragon, a catalogue of translations into Catalan of texts from classical antiquity through the Italian Renaissance, and a critical study of the influence of the classics in five major works: Bernat Metge’s Lo somni, Joanot Martorell’s Tirant lo Blanc, the anonymous Curial e Güelfa, Ausiàs March’s poetry, and Joan Roís de Corella’s prose.”

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Classical Tradition in Medieval Catalan, 1300-1500

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