Arena Romanistica

Arena Romanistica welcomes contributions for our next issue where we will focus on professional communication and terminology in Romance languages. New questions have been raised while many fundamental problems are still unresolved in this subject field. We would like this issue to reflect the current tendencies of research from theoretical, methodological and practical perspectives. Topics can be, but not limited to, the following:
–       term variation, motivation and other linguistic features
–       indeterminacy and vagueness
–       knowledge representation and communication
–       technology and databases
–       domain loss and language planning

of professional communication within Romance Languages as well as between Romance languages and other languages of any specialized field, from hard science to humanities, biomedical sciences to different crafts, law to business administration, etc. Metareflections on professional communication and terminology are also highly welcomed.

For our open section we also welcome contributions related to philology, linguistics, literature and culture in Romance languages.

Deadline for submission of papers: 1 February 2010
Stylesheet and submission procedures are available at our website:
For further information: or visit our webpage.

(Fuente: The linguist list)

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