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La Obra Social «la Caixa» convoca 145 becas para cursar estudios de postgrado en España, Europa, América del Norte y Asia

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Becas de máster y doctorado en Oxford

The Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics at the University of Oxford will
offer the Basant Kumar and Sarala Birla Graduate Studentship for DPhil study
beginning in 2011.  The Birla Studentship provides the full tuition and college fee, and
a maintenance grant commensurate to the national minimum doctoral stipend of the
UK Research Councils, for three years. All applicants are eligible.

We will also offer two AHRC Doctoral Studentships (funding for three years) and two
AHRC Master’s Studentships (funding for two years) for study beginning in 2011.
AHRC Studentships are held by students from the UK and EU: the studentship
covers full-time fees and maintenance for UK students, and fees only for EU
students outside the UK.

Clarendon Scholarships provide funding for study at Oxford by students from
countries outside the EU, and cover full-time fees and maintenance.  We anticipate
that we will be able to offer one or two Clarendon Scholarships for Master’s or DPhil
study in linguistics.

Students interested in being considered for these studentships must submit their
applications by 21 January 2011.  All applicants will be considered for the Birla
Studentship.  For the AHRC Studentships and Clarendon Scholarships, applicants
must indicate their interest on the application form.  For more information on graduate
funding for the study of linguistics at Oxford, please consult:

Information for prospective graduate students is available here:

Application Deadline: 21-Jan-2011

Web Address for Applications:

Contact Information:
Mrs Kate Dobson

Fuente: The Linguist List